Wreckwatch mag brings you the world's greatest lost shipwrecks. History, archaeology, treasure. Plunge into the ocean deep. Dream amidst its glittering wonders.

The December 2020 pirates special issue is out - 138 pages of mayhem.

Wreckwatch doesn’t pulp trees. For the explorer on the go, Wreckwatch is an eco-friendly, paper-free magazine published on a digital newsstand. Enjoy anywhere, any time as a full-screen flipmag.

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The December 2020 issue of Wreckwatch magazine is out - all about the golden age of piracy, Captain Kidd, Anne Bonny, Blackbeard, Stede Bonnet and Mary Read. 138 pages of pirate wrecks, history, exploration and mayhem. A double issue for the price of one.

A very warm welcome to the sunken past. Wreckwatch is an environmentally friendly digital porthole into our glittering oceans, published quarterly.

There are said to be three million shipwrecks out there. 20% sank beyond sight of land. We’re setting sail on our maiden voyage, crisscrossing the globe to explore their deep secrets.

Follow us into the wonderful world of ocean exploration.

The future is unwritten.

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