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The Summer 2022 special issue is coming.

Treasures from the Bahamas & the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle...

Wreckwatch mag brings you the world's greatest lost shipwrecks. History, archaeology, treasure. Plunge into the ocean deep. Dream amidst its glittering wonders.

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How many shipwrecks lie off The Bahamas, smack in the vortex of the Bermuda Triangle, is anyone's guess. Thousands for sure.

Since 1999, the Government of the Bahamas, had closed off its waters to try to protect them from poachers. Now, Allen Exploration – headed by philanthropist & explorer Carl Allen –  has been entrusted with the first license of the new age.

So far AllenX has found 18 wrecks... and counting.

One treasure is the legendary Spanish galleon the Maravillas, Our Lady of Wonders, sunk in 1656. Salvors had "fished" the remains since the later 17th century. Experts said the wreck had been ground to dust. AllenX thought otherwise & is now recovering Spanish & Chinese pottery, sword handles, rigging, wine bottles, smuggled emeralds & amethysts, gold chains & unique jewelled pendants once worn by seaborne knights.

What exactly AllenX has been up to, & plans for its new Bahamas Maritime Museum opening on 8 August, are featured in the forthcoming August issue of Wreckwatch mag – free once again. Don't miss out. Sign up above (Subscribe) to reserve your free digital copy.


The Spring 2022 issue of Wreckwatch magazine has landed. In celebration of the discovery of Ernest Shackleton's Endurance & the 110th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, we're heading to the ice & the world's most spectacular shipwrecks.

Nobody can say for sure what still sleeps in silence down there. The Titanic and Sir John Franklin's HMS Erebus & Terror, lost in the Northwest Passage, are icons. Now Endurance has joined their ranks.


In this issue, we introduce equally fascinating frozen tales: the whole 1871 Yankee whaling fleet lost off Alaska, Roald Amundsen’s Maud, Scott's Terra Nova, the Belgica & mind-blowing sunken history from the chilly Baltic.

Many of these ships look like they could still sail - steering wheels, masts, figureheads & cargoes as pristine as the day Poseidon swallowed this prey. Most, though, are at risk from looting, global warming & ocean acidification. How can we save these treasures?

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Follow us into the wonderful world of ocean exploration.

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